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Heading to Iraq

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Hey guys,

I'm a Utah CCW instructor that's getting ready to head down range. If you feel inclined to contact
me while I am over there, here are several ways.


[email protected] - This is my main "work" address while down range.

[email protected] - This I can check after work hours and when I
am off depending on how long the wait is at the internet cafe.



This is a great system. You need to sign up for it and then when you
send me an e-mail, it goes to a printer at my Company office. That way
I have a hard copy of a note that you sent so that I can take it back
to my barracks or go sit somewhere are read it rather than just
reading it on a computer screen and not being able to take it with me.
You can also send photos through Motomail.

Mailing address:

Unit 73505
FPO AE09509-3505

Any contact is most appreciated. Feel free to pass this along to
anyone else who appreciates our military and would like to support us
my sending e-mail, letters or packages.

Thank you,

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Thank you for your service.

Keep your head down and your powder dry. :raiseflag:
God bless! :patriot:

Good Luck down there, Doc. I hope all goes well and you are able to make good time of your service and hurry back home!

Try not to get too "dis-associated" with the reality back home while you are over there. It can be easy to get tunnel vision over there, do your best to stay "plugged in" to what's going on back home -- but not too much, keep your head on your shoulders and stay alert!

Best of Wishes. Let the guys you see who run into IED's know how much we respect and worry for them. :patriot:
good luck over there doc, keep your head down and watch your six. appreciate your service and dedication.
Thank you for your service on our behalf. Keep us posted on happenings during your tour and stay safe. We will pray for your safety and success.
Fair winds and following seas, shipmate! Keep safe.
Good luck! Thanks for keeping us free and safe by keeping the battle on their doorstep.

Good Luck & God Bless you and your family. Come home safe & Thank you!!
Good luck, God bless and Stay Safe.

I thank you for your willingness to serve.
I played in the big box not all that long ago. The crappiest mission was for you guys at camp Hit. The nice missions where the VBC, Taji, Bucca (soso), Tallil, and Anaconda. If and wen you can let us know where you are at and what kind of boose and porn you want me to send.
Stay safe over there!
Thanks for your service!
Be safe.
:flag: Be Safe. You and the rest of our Military are in my families prayers. :flag:
:agree: :patriot: Thank you for your service!! Be safe!
Thank you, be safe, and God bless while going in Harms Way. My prays go with you and your family. :patriot:
Thank you for all the well wishes and suggestions! All prayer is always welcomed! I will check in here as I am able. Thank you again.

Jim "Doc" Amentler
Semper Fidelis!
Semper Fortis!
Made it safely to Iraq, but still not at my final destination. Hopefully soon. Great chow hall's here. We will not have one where I am going. Ah well, I will enjoy it while I can!

We've been sitting on the flight line for the past several days in 110 degree heat awaiting transport. No go due to weather. Sand storms. So, now we will use an alternate method of transport. Please keep my Sailors and Marines in prayer while we travel.


Semper Fidelis!
My prayers are with you. Stay safe!

I've experienced the chow halls there (DFACs). You won't starve.
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