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Hey guys,

First off, thank you to the site admin for inviting me to join this great site! When I received my concealed carry license many, many years ago, there were no sites like this available to associate with like minded individuals. Heck...the internet was just being invented. (by Al gore) :lol: Since then, I have joined and contributed to many fantastic websites dealing with concealed carry and personal defense. I am looking forward to being involved in this great website also. If you have questions, ask. I don't know everything (don't tell my wife) but I have some good experience and training under my belt and would be happy to share when I can.

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Welcome to our forum!! We've very glad to have you join us.

As an aside, the site admin (me) can't take the credit for inviting you.
One of our forum members (PW) emailed the list of Utah CFP instructors as a way to promote the forum. I've been astounded at how effective his effort has turned out to be. Way to go, PW!

Stick around and contribute. As an instructor, perhaps you can invite your students to check us out to share their knowledge and experiences with us.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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