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Hello All

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I found this site by wandering around packing.org. I live Utah county. Born and raised here accually. As a youngster we sighted in our deer rifles in the back yard, with no fear of harming a soul. It's not that way anymore. I'm married with four grown children, and still have 15 years till retirement. I have shot guns all my life. I was even a cop for a few years when I was a young man. I now carry a sig P239 9mm. I shot 9mm on the force and can still shoot well with it. It has low recoil and still packs a punch. I hope this finds you all well and I hope you all have a happy new year.
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Welcome to UCC! It's nice to have someone else from Utah County on here.
Aaarr! Ye Scalawag! Welcome aboard ye scurvy dog!


Just saw your name and thought of pirate talk. Always good to see another GUN LUBBER!!! :D
Welcome to UCC !!! 8)

I live near you ... in Cedar Hills.
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