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Hello Everyone

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My name is Brant Taylor. I am an instructor For Utah Concealed Carry. I am also on staff at Front Site, a training facility in Nevada.
I also have put together a class I call 'Next Step' which is six hours of good training and practice.
Some instructors I admire are, Jeff Cooper. Massad Aayob, Chuck Taylor, and Rob Pincus.

Stay Safe
Brant Taylor
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Hi, Brant. Welcome to the board!
Welcome. I would like to go to Front Sight next time I am in Vegas. I will probably pick up one of the "coupons" off of Ebay. :D

Welcome to the site.

It is good to connections in the right places. :D

Welcome to the site Brant, it's great to have you on board!

You neglected to mention that you're also an excellent gunsmith... Examples of his work can be seen at his online store and sometimes at Crossroads.

Welcome to the group. Loking forward to geting to Front Sight this next year.
Welcome to our forum! Thanks for introducing yourself. I'm sure that you have a lot to contribute here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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