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Hello Everyone

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I just signed up when a friend told me about UCC. I look forward to sharing and learning a lot with you all.

I live in Spanish Fork, work in SLC, and am originally from Arizona.

Not sure what else to say, but am glad t be here.
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This is a great place to learn more about concealed carry, I'm glad you found us. Please feel free to ask questions and answer others. Nice to have you!
Welcome to our forum, Wingnut!
Thanks for introducing yourself.
We're glad to have you join us.

So, do you have a CFP? Intend to get a CFP? Don't know what a CFP is (Concealed Firearm Permit)?

Do you carry a gun for self-defense? If so, what do you like to carry?

Post often and enjoy the forum...
Hi, stick around and have fun.
Welcome to the forum. Tis a great place to learn about cc'ing.

Yes, I have my CFP. I carry a Sig Sauer P229, but am looking at getting something smaller for summer. I'll post that question in the main area actually so I can get some feedback from you all on what I should buy.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Cache Valley.
Welcome aboard!
And another welcome to the forum!
Welcome from southern Utah! :shades:
Welcome to the group
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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