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Santaquin checking in. Looking forward to getting to know more shooters in the area. Most of the people I used to hunt and shoot with have moved away, and I'd like to meet others who might entertain the thought of another shooting or hunting partner.
BTW, does anyone here have experiance reloading for or just shooting Springfield Micro-Compact .45's? I have been having lotts of trouble finding a load that funcions both reliably and accurately in mine. In all but one case the loads function but they either scatter all over the target or go 10" or more below point of aim at around 20 feet. The only round I've found that will go to point of aim and even groups within 2" or so, is the really cheap Wolf ammo but after the first few shots the gun won't eject the steel cases.
Any help would be great.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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