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Hello from The Top of Utah

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I find that I can shoot quite frequently, since I am retired. I used to shoot rifle, 2,3 and 6 hundred yards, but a bad eye is phasing me over to pistol(Left eye, right arm) I shoot at the Box Elder WildlifeFederation Range at Mantua (A member only range), and at Impact Guns on 1900 West in Ogden. I shoot both my Kimber Gold Match II and my Ruger 22/45 II for target, and my Springfield M1911A1 and my Kimber Rimfire Target for fun. I'm trying to find a load for the Kimber .22LR (it is picky), but I also find time to shoot 9mm. I enjoy hand loading, but have stopped load development, thanks to my high power rifle days. I have met a lot of people through my years of competition shooting, both locally, out of state and at Camp Perry. I miss a lot of the people, but life must go on, even at advanced age.
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Welcome! :D

Sounds like you're an old hand at it all.

I've never reloaded, but have been thinking about it. My brother has encouraged me to take it up. Ammo is very expensive.
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