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I find that I can shoot quite frequently, since I am retired. I used to shoot rifle, 2,3 and 6 hundred yards, but a bad eye is phasing me over to pistol(Left eye, right arm) I shoot at the Box Elder WildlifeFederation Range at Mantua (A member only range), and at Impact Guns on 1900 West in Ogden. I shoot both my Kimber Gold Match II and my Ruger 22/45 II for target, and my Springfield M1911A1 and my Kimber Rimfire Target for fun. I'm trying to find a load for the Kimber .22LR (it is picky), but I also find time to shoot 9mm. I enjoy hand loading, but have stopped load development, thanks to my high power rifle days. I have met a lot of people through my years of competition shooting, both locally, out of state and at Camp Perry. I miss a lot of the people, but life must go on, even at advanced age.
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