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Hello from Utah County

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Glad to be here. I've been a hunter all my life, but I've only recently understood the true meaning of the 2nd ammendment.

I think I was in the longest-waiting group on record (since they now have more people to shorten the time). I submitted in early June and received it almost four months later.

I've maxed out my purchasing for the next few years on two purchases since getting my license :)

  • Springfield XD9 4" - I love this gun. We were hitting tiny shale rocks with it on the hill behind the range targets a few weeks ago. I didn't count the yards, but it is a really accurate, comfortable gun. Excellent safety features. Combined with a Blackhawk holster, it's awesome.

    Rohrbaugh R9 - This is my new concealed pup (and the obvious reason I can't buy more guns for a while). I shot it for the first time last week. It is well-built and doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. I shot about 15 shots before my hand started to hurt. As has been posted elsewhere, it's a "carry often" and "shoot little" gun. It's really accurate for a 2.9" barrel. It has a very long trigger pull compared with the XD9. Very few safety features compared with the XD9. Overall, I like it because it is so small. Please don't flame me for it -- I know it is high priced compared with the excellent little Kahrs or other options. I did a lot of research and settled on it.
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Welcome, hope you feel at home and post often.
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