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Hello To Ya'all out in Gods Country

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You have a great site and after lurking a while I wanted to join. I live in Illinois where Chicago controls our legislature.:crying: We are not allowed to carry concealed or any other way. Mayor Daley is the czar and and it will be a cold day in you know where before he allows us to protect ourselves.

We travel at least 6 months out of the year with the camper and wanted to carry when legal in other states so I applied for your Utah non-res permit a few weeks ago. Am looking forward to when it comes.
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Glad to have you here. You are always welcome in Utah. I had the opportunity to travel to Illinois, but declined, solely due to firearm restriction laws. I am truly sorry about the laws that you are forced to abide by - I think it too much for me. I am glad you are able to "escape" during the year and enjoy your god-given rights.

Please feel free to ask questions or post comments - stick around and visit us often!
Welcome. I was a missionary in Chicagoland -- spent one year in the inner city and one year in the 'burbs. It was a great experience, and I have a special place in my heart for Illinois.

Illinois is truly one of those states with too many restrictions -- I wish its gun laws were more in line with the Constitution. I certainly saw quite a few people in the inner city that carried anyway (illegally, of course). I saw plenty of knives and fights and even got shot at one night on a drive-by. The sad thing is that most of the poor people in the inner city are good, honest people. They are prisoners in their homes after dark because of the gangs. It's a problem that has no easy solution.

Anyway, welcome! :shades: Illinois is a great place to live in many respects. There are many suburbs that I could easily live in, despite how much I disagree with the gun laws there.
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Welcome. Post often and share your persective from Illinois. I am sure it is a lot different than UT.
Welcome to the forum and have a great time when visiting Utah.
Stick around and post often.
Welcome to our forum, Bill!
I have some ancestors who lived in Illinois at one time, but I would never move there, nor do even want to visit it, it being a place that prohibits self-defense.

Come to Utah more often! :crown:

Thanks for introducing yourself. Post often...
Welcome.. I have room in my neighborhood come on in.
I'm glad you could join us.

I was listening to Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio show (which can be podcasted from http://www.guntalk.com) and he had Alan Gura, the Lawyer who put together the Heller case and argued before the Supream Court as a guest. During their conversation, Mr. Gura was asked what his next move would be if he was successful before the Supream Court and his resonse was he was going to look at Chicago and bring a case against that city.
Thanks for the warm welcome folks. We visit southeastern Utah often as we have a spot in the mountains of southwestern Colorado where we park the camper every summer. We also pull it to Arizona for the winter.

I don't blame anyone from staying clear of Illinois. Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago picks our governor and he also controls the legislature. I don't see any changes in the near future. Having owned guns and hunted all my life, it is hard to see our rights in this state continue to get worse every year. I would leave permanently if not for business and family ties.

MasLakas, I pray Mr Gura can help the people of Chicago out. I live in southern Illinois and am very very happy not to live up there.
Welcome to the group. I'm headed to Chicago in July and not to happy about it.... NO GUN makes me sad :crying:
Welcome to the forum
Welcome, post often and have fun here.
BillK said:
We travel at least 6 months out of the year with the camper and wanted to carry when legal in other states so I applied for your Utah non-res permit a few weeks ago. Am looking forward to when it comes.
Welcome to a forum filled with happy people......except for those few old sore heads.

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