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-as instructed, just stopping by to introduce myself. I have been lurking and reading some of the forum posts and thought I better join. Have been shooting quite a while. I am primarily a handgun/shotgun guy.

I am a NRA instructor and teach a variety of classes. -just completed a NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home class and was poking around and found the site. Looking forward to some good discussion.
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Nice to have you! It's good to see more instructors around - can always use more of those :D

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, we'd be happy to help. Also, if you teach classes, please list your contact info or business in the Training Center.
Welcome to the forum, aashooter! What part of Utah do you live/teach in?
Actually, I don't live in Utah. Used to as a kid. My father was stationed there . . . lots of fond memories and lots of hours riding motorcycles in the sand and sagebrush.
Welcome to our forum!
We're very glad you could join us here.
Thanks for introducing yourself.
Welcome to the Forum.
Welcome to the group. Post often
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