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I have meant to respond to this portion of this site, however I have been busy reading & commenting for a while.
I have always been an avid gun person & have owned several different weapons over the years.
About eight years ago I decided that it was time to get more involved with the political side of gun ownership. This was caused by my observations of the evils inherently placed upon guns & gun owners by the ignorant. I was tired of not only seeing our rights trampled, but seeing them legislated through illegal legislation began to chaff me.
I have been a state & a county delegate & have looked at many other issues when I was such. Currently (due to moving prior to the last election) I am not directly involved in the political field. I do plan on running against Senator Davis next year. You may ask why? He may be a decent individual, however, even though he is the minority whip, he represents an area of Utah which has had minimal (at best) Republican Representation for over 13 years. I want to try & change that.
In my dealings with this esteemed senator, I have found that processes are extremely slow & that feedback is minimal at best. I want to see more from a senator than passive contact/availabity to the public. I believe I will be able to offer this. I also believe that I would be able to help keep evil gun laws from becoming state law. I would in fact, hope to either eliminate poor existing laws concerning guns & present better protections for the gun owning populace-if I were allowed to do so. Afterall, I would be a junior state senator.
Anyhow, thats me in a nutshell. It is good to be amongst those who also love freedom as much as I.
:D :) :lol:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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