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hey! quick question. I know I can't at the moment carry a gun onto national parks in utah, but this weekend I am going camping. I am not camping in a national park, how can I carry the gun? I do not yet have my permit and I am going for several days. I made a drop leg holster. Can I have a loaded magazine in the gun but not have a round in the chamber? Any other detail would be great. Thank you!
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Welcome aboard. Much has been written here on this topic, but in short, without a CFP you can have a full magazine for a semi-auto, but not one in the chamber. For a revolver, the chamber (the cylinder under the hammer) AND the next cylinder must be empty to achieve the legally required 2 actions. The gun must also be fully visible (openly carried).
One more bit of information. IN your campsite, which is considered a temporary residence, you can carry fully loaded.

UCA 76-10-511. Possession of loaded weapon at residence authorized.

Except for persons described in Section 76-10-503, a person may have a loaded firearm at his place of residence, including any temporary residence or camp.
Persons described in 76-10-503 are those who aren't allowed to possess weapons at all, such as felons.

If you do that, though, remember to unload before leaving your campsite.
Thank you!!! I am going to print this out
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