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Hey W. Clark,

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We used to have a saying... If your mug ends up on the news, you buy doughnuts... :mrgreen:

There aren't too many active participants on UCC yet, so Im sure you can afford it!!..lol

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OK I'll buy em' Only thing is that they'll be at the Gun store and those will eat them quickly.
Totally Awesome Guns and Range. However I am not an employee. I am the "director" of training
This, of course, naturally leads to the idea of a get-together at a range to meet and shoot. That would be the perfect time for the star to bring doughnuts. :D
Forget the doughnuts, have Clark bring the new M1919!!
Although I have not yet taken the CFP course and do not consider myself 'worthy', I would love to come to the range for a fun day o' shooting! And perhaps I could take the course from Clark?!?!?!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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