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HEY YALL from Texas

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Hello Yall I am new here hope that I can contribute to your opinions as well as yall to mine and help keep us all aware of our freedoms if I figure right were all on the same side and Love our Country

I Love Guns and the Freedom to own them I like to think of myself as a Patriot and hope my veiws and concerns will be as interesting as Yalls I LOVE AMERICA(North of the Mexican borderLOL) and I hope that She stays Free for my childrens childrens children and so on I could not and would not live in a place where I would have no Firearms.

my and my Families Freedom is of the utmost importance without Firearms or Freedom I would probably be an outlaw k nough said bout that
I live in Texas and have a wonderful wife and 4 boys who also love our right to k. and b. arms I am an avid outdoorsman and Love the old west and on the north of the border subject it wasnt a racist thing I work with many hispanics and am good freinds with several of them I just dont like central america period k
Lets stay free and carry our Guns to the last Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the forum, TSG!

Glad to have you here with us. We're here because we too love our liberty and right to keep and bear arms.
Welcome Brother!!
I'm glad you were able to find the sight & join up.
For those who may not know-Texas Six Gun is one of my younger siblings whom I told about this sight. I hope he may make many contributions to help us all in the upholding of our rights, as well as other civic & patriotic duties & responsibilities which we all must carry.
What part of the Lone Star are you from?
Welcome, SG.

My wife's family are all from East Texas - Center, Timpson. Good to have a Texan aboard!!!
Thank Yall for the welcome and support I am from west TX. the town of Monahans(near Odessa,Midland where the Pres. is from) Ill try to update my profile soon k talk to yall later , oh yeah I just found out that the state of TX. still has a right to carry a side arm out in the open as this was something of great debate for the past few years since they made the CCLaw most officers say you cant since then others say only traveling an other rumers but a freind of mine said he found the law at the court house I am going to follw up with this since I am a firm beliver in the right to carry in the open concealed or otherwise as it is our right under the const. k Later
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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