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Hi all!

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I stumbled upon this forum while researching CC regulations for a weekend trip to a neighboring state. I look forward to discussing things with more like-minded folks.

I finally just received my CFP (53 days from drop-off to reception) after attending several CC classes over the past 10 years; I just never had the spare cash to pay for the licensing while the class certification (usually paid for by an employer) was still current. I also recently moved from Arizona where open carry was less restrictive with a corresponding degrease in motivation for CC. I now live in Taylorsville, UT.

I have been with the Army Special Forces either, National Guard or Active Duty, for over 20 years. I have been to Afghanistan twice, a combat tour to the Philippines, and a contractor in Iraq. In each location open carry was required by regulation and I felt naked without at least something on my hip each time I returned home. It's nice to feel prepared again.
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Thanks for introducing yourself! Good to have some more veterans here. Enjoy the site, stick around and post often. This place will become addicting if you let it!

And thank you for serving and defending our freedoms.


So were you in the 19th? If so, which company?

It's great to have you here! What is your choice of sidearm these days?
You probably live right down the street from BCI then.

Welcome welcome from Orem!!!

Arizona, huh? What part?
I have a ? about your screen name. Isn't that the birth name of some well-known actor?

:welcome: Glad to have you and thanks for your service.
Glad you found us and welcome. Sounds like you have been around the world some. I spent a couple of years in the Philippines. I was in the Manila area and made some good friends who were ex Philippine Military or had family who were serving and some of the stories they told of the tactics used by the at the time communist backed muslims gives me great appreciation to any who will brave the dangerous areas of the world.
Let's see if I can get these all answered in order:

Yes, B/1/19 SFG.
I currently carry a Kimber 1911 but will pick up an XD45 Compact as soon as the budget allows.
No actor I am aware of but rather a Revolutionary War unconventional warrior. Just my online/screen name.
All my Philippine time was way down south on Jolo/Sulu
Wow....Welcome and thank you for your service.

Welcome, Francis.

When I saw your name, I thought you'd start out by saying, "My names Francis Marion. My friends call me Psycho. Any you guys call me Francis..."

Good to have you with us.
Welcome to UCC!
Welcome to UCC. I've found it to be so fun that I'm on here every day now...
I also thank you for your service for this Country and our Freedoms!!!
Welcome to our fourm! Thanks for the great introduction, and thanks for serving our country to defend our liberty!! :patriot:
Welcome to Utah as well!

Post often...
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