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Hi everybody

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Hello all,

I've been a member at OCDO for quite some time now, and am in the process (a long and apparently stupid one) of getting my Maine CFP. I'm 19 years old, happily married, and currently attending the University of Utah (Major in Business; Minor in Military Science) and working full-time at a financial institution.

I own and carry a Hi-Point C9, but would like to get something that's a little smaller, and better to conceal.

Guns have long been a hobby of mine, (though I've only very recently been into handguns :noob: ) and I own several rifles, and on a different, but similar note I own a bow. I love to hunt :fudd:, mostly deer and elk, but will rabbit hunt as well.

I'd like to thank all of you for the valuable information that I've learned from these boards, and hope to contribute some in the future.
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A big Hallo! from Provostan. Looking forward to your contributions. Hoo-ah!


If you are 19, you have some time to find that perfect "concealable" gun. Can't conceal it for awhile anyway. Welcome aboard, post often and have some fun.
I'm applying for my Maine CFP (They issue at 18), and Utah recognizes every state's permit (UCA 76-10-523)
That gives me a bit over three months.
Finally made it over here... good to see :)

If there's anything we can help you with, just ask. Make yourself at home, stick around and post often.
Welcome to the forum! 8)
:welcome: Glade to have you here.
Welcome to our forum!
Thanks for introducing yourself.
Post often...
Glad you joined us!
Welcome....I am a newby to the site also...great site, with some great info. (They guys don't seem bad either :p )
:sup: It's good to have you with us.
Glad you joined.

I didn't know you could get conealed permits at 19. That's cool!
Welcome from the north...
caldweller said:
Glad you joined.

I didn't know you could get conealed permits at 19. That's cool!
Totally depends on the state that issues the permit.
Hi Back...

We a re a bunch of good guys.

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