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Hi everyone

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My name is Justin, I am married, live in Layton and recently graduated from college. I am waiting for my permit to show up any day! I have just starting shooting bowling pins @ the Wasatch shooting range in kaysville and I can honestly say that it is a blast.
I grew up a farm boy from Ks (yes, a flatlander) and I have been shooting since I was 4 yrs old. My grandfather took me out one wkend and shot 3 high-brass 12ga loads out of an old savage shotgun, and I have been infactuated with firearms after my bruised shoulder healed :D It was all originally my mother's idea. She thought the pain would keep me from ding-donging my father, to take my shooting and I would not like them anymore. To her dismay, it just turned me into a gun-obsessed fool that would spend every dime I had on firearms and ammo if it were not for other financial obligations. ((Wife))
I admit, this forum takes about 20-30min of my work day, everyday. I have been reading this thing since I chose to move to UT last summer. The people that make-up this site, sound like good people and I am privileged be apart of it. (As you might see, I have poor spelling and grammatical skills)

PS if any of you members out there have horses that need exercising, my wife and I love to ride. We want our own, but we currently do not have the physical space or monetary means to properly take care of them.
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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome and enjoy.
This is a great group here.
Glad you finally joined. Now jump in and post often.
Welcome to the forum! I hope you continue to stick around and post often.

P.S. If the whole spelling thing bothers you, you can download the Firefox browser which has a built-in spell checker (underlines misspells in red). You can get it here.
Welcome. Let us know when you get your permit.
welcome to the group. Post often
Welcome to the forum, Justin!
Welcome aboard
Welcome to the Forum. The more you participate here the more you will get out of it.
Welcome aboard, have fun.
I'm glad you decided to join us.
Welcome to our forum, Justin! Thanks for introducing yourself.
That was a great introduction.

That was a funny story you told about the attempt to turn you off of firearms. I think that most people who currently distrust guns and support gun-control would have a big change in view if only they had the chance to go shooting with a friend. The shooting sports are fun!!

Stick around and participate. This is a great place.
I received my permit sat. I now have to permission of the state to protect myself!! 8)
GeneticsDave said:
:party: Congratulations!!!
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