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Hi, it's just me.............

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Just wanted to say hi and tell you guys how much I like this forum. I'm from Minnesota and applied for a Utah permit about 3 weeks ago. Btw, I've been lurking here for about 2 months and decided to join. Thanks!
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Welcome from Northern Utah.
Hi, Mikie! Welcome to UCC! Nice to have people from other states join us - it gives us a broader perspective.
Minnesota, huh? I've got a trip to Duluth coming up on my schedule. It will be my first time to Minnesota.

Anyway, welcome to our forum! We're glad to have you join us. Thanks for introducing yourself. :welcome:
Make yourself at home - we hope to see you around often!
Welcome aboard!

Welcome. My bro-in-law is from Minnesota so I guess its not too bad of a place to call home. :D

Welcome. Post often and have fun here.
Welcome to the forum. The young family across the street is from Minnesota and that is probably as close as I will get to your state!
Well, her his your official welcome. :welcome:
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to a forum filled with happy people......except for those few old sore heads.

1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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