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Hi, my name is Becky. I'm a married, stay-at-home mother of 2. I'm pretty new to all of this. I just took the Concealed Permit class with my husband last night. I don't own my own handgun yet, but am looking forward to getting one soon. I'm here hoping to expand my knowledge & skill. Thanks!
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Hello, hang out here very long and either you will know it all or know all the ones that do. Just kidding there is so much on this forum you can't help but be impressed by the knowledge and the use of that knowledge.

Hope you feel welcome
Welcome to the Forum. There are a lot of good people here. If you have a question post it up, and don't forget to make yourself feel at home and post often.
Welcome! Your husband is a lucky man! There are many of us here that have wifes that don't carry. ALL of us wish they would.
Welcome! It is always nice to have a female's point of view here.

Nice to have you. Where did you take your class? Let us know if we can do anything to help you. Stick around and post often.
Welcome to the forum from the Cache Valley.
Welcome, have you decided what you will carry yet?
Welcome to the forum, Becky!
Becky, Welcome to the forum!

There are ladies here that carry anything ranging from a fairly large caliber open-carried on their waist to ladies who conceal-carry fairly small caliber stuff.

In the end, you'll figure out what's right for you -- fortunately, being a home-maker does make your decision in how and what to carry quite a bit easier since it's mostly up to your personal preference. There is another woman here who is a stay-at-home-mom who OC's b/c she feels it's less hassle and easier when trying to do all the kid-toting stuff required of her.

Hopefully you can get lots of feedback and find the best solution for you.

Welcome Becky,

Check out the Bersa 380 or 9mm and I think you will like them. I would also recomment the Khar 9mm because it has thinner grips.
Welcome aboard. And good for you, for deciding to prepare yourself by carrying a firearm. I'm still trying to get my wife to do it.
If you're looking for suggestions on what to carry, we just had a thread going entitled What Should Women Carry. I don't think the information there should be viewed as limiting, just as suggestions. I personally recommend the Kahr PM9 as it has a VERY thin grip (.9 inches) and is good for small hands (typical female anatomy). As per any suggestion, I recommend trying out a bunch of different guns - handling and shooting - which should give you a better idea on the style, size and caliber that you like the most. Buying a gun is a very personal experience and you should look around until you find something that you not only really like, but suits you well.

Good luck with your search and congratulations on taking the first step toward protecting yourself and your family!
Welcome to our forum, Becky! Thanks for introducing yourself.
It's great to have another woman join us here, especially because women tend to help civilize us men folks. :D

Stick around and participate regularly. This is a great place with lots of very knowledgeable people. We have a lot of fun too.
Thanks for the very nice welcome!

GeneticsDave said:
Where did you take your class?
I took my class at Impact Guns (which I've seen hasn't gotten great reviews here). But I was very impressed with my instructor. I'll be taking a Defensive Handgun course from him next month.

Cowboy said:
Welcome, have you decided what you will carry yet?
I haven't decided yet. I plan to go shoot some & hopefully find something I like. There have been some great suggestions here. Thanks!

My wife has a permit, but has not yet decided on a carry option. At least she has some guns and likes to shoot them. Her latest gun is a Beretta Tomcat 32. It has the tilt up barrel so she doesn't have to rack the slide. She can't rack the slide on my XD. She also does very well with her S&W Mod 60 357. She shoots low level loads in that one.

Have a great day.
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