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[URL=http://www.legallyarmed.com/resources/hilton.htm:1skdl3mh said:
Leagllyarmed.com[/URL]":1skdl3mh]Texas Government Official Responds
To CHL Ban By Hilton Hotel Group

The Hilton Hotel Group in Texas have posted a ban regarding Texas Concealed Handgun License Holders. Texas General Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson sent the following letter to the Hilton Hotel Group. This is one public offical who stands tall and asks correct questions regarding 'no gun' bans.



I recently picked up a member of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) from the Doubletree on 15th St in Austin and noticed the new signs announcing that concealed handguns are not permitted (the signs are silent on whether other types of firearms such as rifles and shotguns are prohibited).

I have several questions:

1. Is a firearm in a personal vehicle in your garage prohibited?

2. Since I was in my vehicle and armed when I drove up to pick up my colleagues the other night, was I in violation of your policy?

3. When you accept reservations do you inform your guests of this policy so that they are not surprised when they arrive?

4. If a guest with reservations and a firearm, and who was not aware of your new policy arrived at your hotel would you provide safe off premises storage for the weapon?

5. If there were no provisions for storage of a firearm, would you insure the guest could find other equivalent lodging in Austin even if all hotels were booked as is often the case?

6. Since most of the SBOE members stay at your hotel because they can walk to state office buildings, do you assume an additional obligation for the personal safety of guests who are disarmed by your policy and who may be victims of crime while on or off your premises, particularly while walking at night to and from meetings?

7. Do you have any concern that the signs posted on your building might attract criminal activity since criminals are likely to be attracted to a location where they believe their potential victims are unarmed? Does this obvious incentive for criminal activity create an additional liability for you if a guest is assaulted?

8. Are you aware that the signs you have posted likely do not comply with Texas Penal Code section 30.06 and therefore may not be legally sufficient to ban handguns from your property?

While a State Senator, I was the author of Texas’ concealed handgun law. There are few if any in the State of Texas who are more familiar with state and federal firearms law than I. Additionally, I have spent approximately $15,000 hosting receptions at your hotel, and have attended many others as a guest of other elected officials and the Republican party. I can reasonably state that tens of thousands of dollars of future revenue may be in jeopardy if this senseless policy remains in effect.

I recognize there is a great deal of misunderstanding about Texas firearms law, and frequently premise holders believe posting signs may be required by law in order to achieve some desirable objective. In other words, posting these signs is not always an informed decision.

While I am not an attorney, I am more than willing to explain Texas firearms law to anyone with the Hilton Hotel corporation. I’m very qualified to do so since I authored most of the laws pertaining to carrying handguns while I was a member of the Texas legislature.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jerry Patterson
Commissioner, Texas General Land Office

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The question is, did he receive a reply, and if so wheremay we read that?

The wording of his questions and the text of his letter are awesome. It would be nice if we all could be so eloquent and knowledgeable.

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This is sad to hear. I will have to watch the Hilton hotels in Texas to see if the signs truly are up or if they come down. I travel quite a bit and normally stay with the Hilton group.

Hotels are a high risk area, even though many people don't know it. I've had several incidents in hotels, all of which turned out fine because I kept the hotel room door locked or otherwise took steps. Don't ever open the room door to anyone unless *you* called for something. If someone does come to the door, call the front desk first and see if they sent someone up.
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