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I'm new to the forum - Hello everybody!

I do not currently hold a CFP but will take the course and apply within the next year.

In reading one of Clark Aposhian's posts he mentioned that he carried his weapon 'exposed' on hot, yucky days. He also mention something about a Level 1 Holster.


What are the different types/levels etc. of holsters.

I'm a newbie so explain S-L-O-W-L-Y!

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Ok......here is the easiest way...go to my website and look at features" on the left. It will explain what cant/rd ht bla bla bla is.....
Then look at the different styles of OWB and IWB holsters. I dont make paddles but thats about it.........
The different levels of retention are simple......no level is just the molding on the holster to keep it in.......most common by far.
Level one..has one device thats mechanical to assist retention...a thumb break or a retention screw.
Level two has two mechanical devices to assist in retention and so on....
Hope this helped.........Shoot well.
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