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Incoming fire from UDOT...

It seems that while the Utah Department of Transportation was doing avalanche control, a stray shell sailed over the mountain and blew up in a backyard in Pleasant Grove. That's about 10 minutes drive from where I live.

Salt Lake Tribune: Explosion rocks neighborhood - stray avalanche shell?

The next-door neighbor has posted some photos:

Utah Department of Transportation Bombs My Neighbor!

Here's a followup article from the Deseret News:

Shell shocked: Errant avalanche bomb rips Pleasant Grove home

Can anyone say, "Oops!" ??

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"Shelled local town with a howitzer by mistake" just won't look good on a resume & I would be very supprised if someone is not updateing that resume after this.

Man thats really got to make you worry anytime you fire that thing off and don't hear or see the impact.
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