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Anyone have, and can post pics of a homemade laser and it mounted to your weapon?

I've been wondering if the time and energy, along with any possible price savings might be worth it to make my own one for my XD45 Service.

I want a 5mW green laser, much like a Viridian or LaserMax UNI Green, but need to still save up some pennies. I like projects like these and figure it would be a good challenge.



The difficulty would be in the adjustment. If you find one in 1in or 30mm scope rings you would at least have the mount covered. Parallel with the bore may be close enough. Me I'd just buy it. I put a dot on a light bulb that was visible with the green laser max over at getsome. I am a huge fan of lasers for training, and dry fire.

Wow that read like crap unedited
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