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Eukatae said:
As much as I am a fan of being free to carry where I like I am a bigger fan of liberty in general. Telling property owners what to do with their property is a sin. If I as the lot owner say you can park your car why can I not delineate the conditions under which a car may be parked; including the contents of the car and included in that a firearm? Why does the state have the right to tell me how to dispose of my property? The old saying "your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins" comes to mind.
I can understand what you're saying. However, my own life is my property too. I believe that I have the right to be able to defend the most important property I have. In this sense, the employer's property rights conflict with my property rights. Which one should trump? This is not a trivial issue.

The employer is saying that I cannot keep a self-defense firearm locked in my own car in their parking lot. In effect, they're saying that I cannot defend my life from my front door, to their site, and back to my front door. They will not provide me proper physical security within the workplace, let alone all along the route of my commute to and from work. That is unconscionable. This is a 'feel-good' policy that is anti-gun in nature.

Have you worked for a company that prohibits guns on their property, yet provides real security for employees? I've never seen that. I used to work for a large company in Provo that was (and still is) known for frequent layoffs. I can imagine that they might someday have a disgruntled ex-employee come back for revenge, though I hope and pray that this never happens. What security do they have? Not a thing that would ever stop somebody from coming in with ill-intent. Their anti-gun policy puts employees at risk.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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