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Horror movie the right way.

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Ok Clark, why have'nt we seen this video posted here? :wink:

Someone posted it over at the Saiga-12 forum & in the middle of laughing hystericaly I heard a familliar gun store name.

Here's the link: http://media.spikedhumor.com/16957/Guns ... ercial.wmv
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They better not have released it as I paid for that to be produced if it is the one I am thinking of.
Yep, just looked at it, That is me in the white shirt at the end of the video racking the bolt on the AK.
Great Clark, Sorry you never had a chance to use it. Maybe some other place will buy it. Lots of luck in your new endevours.
Now, that's the kind of horror movie I like ... :lol:

That was one funny commercial! Of course, I call it the correct type of commercial to represent home defense. The only people who may consider it a "horror" film are the anti's & the criminal element. But I'd rather see great commercials like this promoting proper usage of weapons to defend ones home & family from invasion, than any liberal anti-gun tripe we see all the time!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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