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Howdy from South Weber

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Howdy, I'm Jim. Moved to Utah about 18 months ago from Kansas. Lifelong shooter and hunter and motorcycle rider. I'm 44 and have a fantastic girlfriend and two great sons. My oldest in the Air Force the youngest will be a senior in high school back in Kansas.

My interests are pretty varied. I have a passion for big bore revolvers, especially Smith & Wessons, I'm a big fan of the late Elmer Keith. I also like lever action rifles, side by side shotguns, and accurate rifles. I've done a lot of hunting but have not had a chance to hunt in Utah ... yet.

Glad to find this forum, good luck with it.
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Welcome to the forum and to Utah!

I moved here nearly four years ago from Colorado (where I lived for five years). Before that, I was in San Diego, California for about eleven years. Before that, was Utah, so I wasn't a stranger to Utah, except that it was still a bit of culture shock to come back after so many years away.

Utah gun laws are better than most, so I can't complain too much. :wink:
Welcome, I also just moved here to Utah. I lived here years ago but was in Oregon for quite a while. I see you are from south Weber county. That is great. I actually just bought a house in Washington Terrace. We close on Thursday and move in Sunday the 8th.

Anyways, Welcome again.
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