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Huff is here

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Hello everybody. After lurking around your website for about 2 months I've finally taken the initiative to introduce myself. I live in Herriman with my beautiful wife and 4 children, and I'm anxiously waiting for my permit to arrive. Based on the posts on this forum, I'm expecting to be CC'ing in another 2 weeks. I have a slightly obsessive habit of shooting just about every day. (yes, it gets expensive.) My tiny gun collection consists of HK 45c, Springfield 1911 Champion, XD-45 service, XD-9 SC, and last but certainly not least, my baby...Wilson Combat Elite Professional. (that one hurt the wallet.) A little background on me and my decision to take an active role in my family's safety and well being: I happened to be in New York on business in September 2001. (you guessed it, at the WTC, 61st floor, South Tower on Monday September 10th and Tuesday September 11th.) I was REALLY REALLY LUCKY to get out when the plane hit. After that day, my brain changed. I vowed that I would never blindly allow myself or my family to be sitting ducks for any evil-doers anywhere. I did the food storage thing, have emergency plans for just about every situation, and I even make my wife and kids memorize how many steps to the left or right the stairwells are when we go out of town and stay in a hotel. Even though I bought some firearms and learned how to use them, I've been a grossly negligent procrastinator for the last 7 years when it comes to applying and obtaining a CFP. I'm happy to say though, I turned in the paperwork on April 23rd and hopefully will be concealing soon. I know it sounds kind of silly to expect that a firearm will help if a clown tries to crash his 767 into my office again, but at least I can say that if I'm at Trolley Square having dinner with my wife and kids and the unthinkable starts to unfold, I wont have to crawl under the table with my family and HOPE that we don't get picked to die that night. Well...that was a bit long-winded. Glad to be here with other like-minded Americans.

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Welcome aboard Huff. Glad you are still with us.

Welcome to our forum, Huff! We're very glad to have you join us.
We're even more glad that you survived your harrowing experience.
That's quite an introduction. Thanks for introducing yourself.

I was safely here in Utah when that went down, but I watched it unfold on TV.
I think that it changed my brain too, in a way. If affected me deeply.
I felt so sick watching it happen.

I find it very sad that so many people seem to forget that it happened and that there are still people who want to harm us.

Be an active member of our forum and post often...
Welcome aboard, Huff. That was a great introduction. I'm VERY glad that you got out of that building safely. I can't imagine what that must have felt like. Anyway, it's nice to have you here.
Amazing experience. Keep up the diligence and you will be rewarded one day. Nice to have you here, make yourself at home and post often!

Welcome to the site Huff.
Welcome, you're starting in the right direction. I believe that having the permit and the ability to CC does help with ones peace of mind.
Welcome to the forum. Good luck on your permit. It seems to take forever, but it does eventually come. Post often and enjoy.
:welcome: Great Introduction. Post often.
Welcome to the forum, Huff!
Welcome. I can't imagine going through what you did in NY. Thanks for the intro.
:sup: Welcome aboard. Post often and have fun!
Glad to have you here. Welcome from the Cache Valley.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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