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I did it!!!

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I did it!!! OC'd today and it felt great and free! Went for a motorcycle ride and decided to take my gun for a ride too. I don't really think anyone noticed. Got gas first and think the guy next to me was looking a little bit but not too much.
Tomorrow, Wal-Mart!!! In true UCC tradition!!! I think I might wear a decent shirt so I don't draw much attention.

I think I might be pretty paranoid but I guess most people probably will not notice at all.

I can't wait.... I think I might open carry more often. Although I think it will depend on what I am wearing at the time wether I will OC or Conceal Carry.
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Congrats! My first OC experience (not counting the OC dinner we had) put me in kind of an awkward position. Come Monday, I'm going to try and get it all straightened out. Here's what happened:


Good luck!
Good for you. I went into Dan's Food OCing yesterday, no encounters at all.
Venzor, it sounds like you handled your encounter well. It would probably be a very good idea to follow up with a call up the Walmart supervisory chain, plus a call to the police supervisor.

The end result was that you continued walking free and carrying openly, but this should also result in some education for the officer.

scuba_steve, good on ya...
Thanks for sharing.

I can't help but wonder if the outcome would have been different if you were with a girlfriend, wife, or children. I suspect an ignorant and alarmed individual such as the one who followed you would react differently if you had been with other people (or even several OCers).

Just a thought.
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