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I don't know much about scopes, could use some advice

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I just bought a 10/22 (composite stock/stainless barrel) and I feel like the stock open sites suck. I am considering a scope for it. I don't plan on turning it into a tack driver as I already have a CZ-USA .17HMR 452 Varmint for such purposes. So I feel like I don't need to put a high powered scope on the 10/22. I'm thinking one that is reasonably powered but will still allow for quick target aquisition. I would appreciate any feedback on what power I should be looking for and maybe an economical brand. The gun cost me $230, I don't want to spend a lot on a scope for such a gun. Thanks
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I have that same rifle, stainless composite stock 10/22. I put a little Bushnell 4x scope on it. 4x is plenty of magnification for a 22lr. I think I paid around $60 for the scope. The sight picture is clear and bright and so far the scope holds its zero.
I've got a 10/22 with a Weaver 2x7 scope mounted on it. Its been so long ago since I mounted the scope that I can't recall what I paid for it. It wasn't a lot of money, but its held up great over the years. The magnification is perfect for plinking, bunnies and an occassional prairie dog.
I have a Tasco 4x that is over 15 years old on my .22LR. Was not expensive cause I bought it myself when I was a teenager. Has held up great. 4x is great for bunnies and plinking.
Simmons "22Mag" 4x32. When I bought mine, it came with rings in the package. Decent .22 scope for under $50.
Go to RimfireCentral dot com. This is a forum for Ruger 10/22 owners and they have loads of information on scopes. Among the best in your price range are the Mueller APV and the Clearidge RM 3-9. Stepping up the ladder you'd be looking at the Weaver 3-9 or the Leupold 2-7 X 28 Rimfire or Leupold 3-9X 33 EFR.
thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the advice.
I put a Bushnell 4x on my 10/22 and it works great. It's very clear and durable. It should be easy to find mounts. Weaver sells a set that I bought specifically for mounting to the Ruger 10/22.
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