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I must have been VERY good.

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I got a couple of toys for Christmas.

1. A Yugo SKS rifle. (No pics because I'm still cleaning her up)

2. A Smith&Wesson M&P45 to replace the Springfield Micro as primary carry gun.

My brother & I put 150 or so rounds of 240gn Win. white box through her this past weekend, so here are some 10 shot groups at 10yds from it's first outing.
Mine are the circled ones on the left.

Then some rapid fire at the silhouette.

Is that enough pics for ya tapehoser? :lol:
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It does none of us any good to hear about a gun purchase and not be able to know what we are celebrating.

Oh yeah, forgot to give my impressions. This is the review section after all.

I'd recommend this gun to anyone considering it.
The only real complaint I'd seen about these pistols was that the early model would drop its mag while firing. That seems to have been well addressed in the new model. Plus I like that they added the wavy ribs to the front of the slide too.

All I can say is the pistol performed flawlessly the whole time we were at the range with no cleaning while sending over 150 rounds down-range.
No mag drops, no FTF's, no stovepipes, and very manageable recoil.
The accuracy is fine and should improve even more as the barrel gets shot-in over a couple hundred more rounds & I become more familiar with it.

Also it's so light that I've caught myself checking to see if it's still in the holster. A real change from what I'm used to. :)

Awesome gun. I think S&W has a winner here.
What about disassembly? My brother loaned me his S&W (forget the model #) and it was a beast to take down for cleaning. Also, it seemed a little 'clinky', if you know what I mean? Not as rigid as, say, my XD or a Ruger. Kind of like the feel of aluminum vs. steel.
It's not "clinky" at all. The frame is polymer but the barrel & slide are machined from solid blocks of stainless steel. For now everything is rock solid, nothing wiggles of rattles.

As for basic takedown, it's very simple. Just lock the slide back, disengage the sear (flip-down a lever at the top of the magwell), flip the lever above the trigger down. At that point the slide ext. comes right off for cleaning.
It's nice to know S&W is starting to break the "Sigma Stigma."
Mr. Magnum said:
Then some rapid fire at the silhouette.

Is that enough pics for ya tapehoser? :lol:
Just a bit of constructive criticism I hope you don't mind.

This group looks good and the rounds probably went exactly where you wanted them to. Ignore the scoring zones for defensive shooting, points dont count. Aim for the area roughly nipples to the notch in the throat, that triangle is far more vital and effective than your targets Xring
Don't mind at all.

I was was just getting the feel for the gun that day since I'd never shot one like it. Thus the X-ring aiming point so I had more paper in every direction in case I scattered rounds like a shotgun. :lol:

Now that I've got a feel for how to grip ext. for good accuracy. I'll start practicing more effective shot placement, double tap & Mozambique drills.
Good to know :D

Having worked at a range it seems that most shooters who practice better shot placement have groups more like yours then those X ring shotgun types. I find myself aiming for the groin area alot, well with my M11/9 FA buy the time I get off the trigger there where thy should be. When I fist started with it :shock: there where some holes in the celling tiles :shock:

Happy shooting :wink:
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