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Just looking to see who all the instrucotrs are on here. Just want to see who you are and what the backgrounds are of each.
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This is a good idea. In fact, all CFP instructors are welcome to post their contact information here in the Training Center.
I guess I will step up and be the first....

I have been shooting competitively for the last 11 years, IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, and all those great organizations. I started helping people learn the basics of shooting about 7 years ago, and then decided that I wanted to offer more options to my students. That evolved into multiple NRA certifications, Utah Concealed Firearms, and many different aspects of personal protection. I have trained with many different organizations such as, Counter-Terrorism Institute of America, DHS, Front Sight, etc.

Most of my classes are designed around what the students want to learn. If you, your group of friends, or your family has the desire to learn, let me know and we can custom mold a course to fit your interests.

Private Message me for my phone number, and let me know what you are looking for and I will respond as soon as possible. Brian Nelson
Thomas Knight
(435) 979-5748

Utah CFP Instructor
Utah Armed and Un-Armed Security Instructor
Founder of UtahConcealedCarry.com
I'm an instructor living in Utah valley and I'll do classes in Utah County or Salt Lake County. I don't have a set time or place for classes, but rather do a "by appointment" sort of thing where I go to the home or business of a student and have other students join us there.

Although I've done IDPA, I haven't done many actual competitions. I have taken the Front Sight 4-day defensive handgun course and will be doing so again. I've shot in a few GSSF matches along with my family. I'm a Glock armorer, and can take apart a 1911 in under five minutes (which isn't a good thing -- it just takes me longer than a Glock :roll: ).

The Web site for the class is http://www.utahcfp.biz (check out the map showing where the permit is honored... it took me forever) and you can reach me at [email protected].

Hi, I am Chad Killian,
I have 10 years previous Utah law enforcement experience.

Including Chief of Police, FTO Corporal, Patrol Corporal, Department Firearms Trainer.

He has trained with Chicago P.D. drug task force, LAPD SWAT & Kane County SWAT. Chad has also served as a volunteer EMT/Firefighter. Chad is a certified NRA certified Rifle, Pistol, & Shotgun instructor, as well as a certified (RSO) Range Safety Officer. Chad also enjoys coaching Jr. Wrestlers and has trained in several martial arts including Aikido, and Tae Kwan Do.

I am also a member of the National Concealed Firearms Instructors Association.
Ruperto Elpusan from Southern California here. Anybody needing Utah CFP training in the Los Angeles area are welcome; check our contact info in my signature below.

Our main business is providing security and firearms training for licensing in California to work in the security industry.

Thanks for checking us out!
The Hood Clan is here...

Real world self defense training/practice/philosophy venue. $12, First Saturday of every month!

Everyone welcome
Hello everyone,

I'm currently a Utah instructor (and one who must make a trip this April to Utah as my certification will expire in May). I'm also a certified North Dakota test administrator for their CCW, and my company is recognized by the Minnesota BCA as an authorized company for certifying MN Carry Instructors. Our training is also recognized by Florida, and several other states.

My profile can be found here:
http://www.firearmsandliberty.com/Conce ... 0Shade.pdf

You can learn more about our services at:

My name is Dex.

I have been a LE officer and FA instructor and business owner here in Utah for the last 22 years. I love to shoot and love to teach officers and civillians.

I live and teach mostly in northern Utah but travel and live at least once per month in the St George area were I hold classes.

I am a big fan of NFA class III weapons. I have helped many, many people to receive their CFP years, also class III NFA certification, as well as others into the world of Law enforcment.

I am a big supporter of armed law abiding citizens, I have come to make many good friends in this process.

I also like IPSC matches as well as CAS matches.

I am not the best communicator in typed form and will admitt not a very good speller. I am a little better some say in face to face communication.

If I can help any of you anytime please let me know.
Concealed Firearms Permit of Utah Inc.

email me a: [email protected]

Dex, of Northern and Southern UTAH
NRA LE Instructor
POST LE Instructor
DPS Instructor

"Remember, the trick in life is not getting the gun you want, but rather still wanting it after you get it!"
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Hello all! Just wanted to introduce myself and my buddy again. I'm Kevan and I've been shooting all of my life. I've attended Front Sight, and have trained with the LAPD, LAPD SWAT, LA Sheriffs among others.

My buddy Duane has recently gotten more involved. He is involved in IDPA and has other memberships.

We teach classes all the time and all over the place. We teach at virtually any location in Salt Lake, and anywhere inside and out of Utah.

Check out our website at http://utahcarry.com

Good Idea as I haven't yet met all the instructors.

Most of our information is on our website at http://www.utahlegalheat.com, but i will also list it here.

My name is Phil and I teach the courses in tandem with my brother Jason. We are both obviously BCI and NRA certified in various areas. My brother is a Utah and Nebraska certified attorney, and i am a professional hunting guide who will enter law school next year. We teach the classes together because it offers the student the opportunity to hear the laws from the horses mouth, and i have quite a bit of practical application of firearms, so i teach the gun safety and firearm functionality parts of the classes. We started a company called Legal Heat Firearm Training and have really enjoyed teaching people how to safely protect themselves.
Thanks for the chance to introduce ourselves, feel free to contact us with any questions,

[email protected]
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