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I took my family to Lagoon today (Utah's biggest amusement park). Aside from the typical roller coasters, whirl-n-hurl, water park, and all that, there is a place called Pioneer Village. It's made up to look like an old West town. Tucked away around a corner in the Pioneer Village is a small firearms museum that had quite a few, very interesting firearms, from old matchlocks, flintlocks, blunderbusses, Civil War muskets, naval guns. There was a very pretty Henry rifle there. It had a corner devoted to John M. Browning, but that display was pretty weak, I thought. Very few of his designs were on display ... no 1911, although there was a Browning HP on display. I'd like to have seen his various machine guns on display.

All in all (in spite of the weak Browning display), it was a very pleasant surprise to find this little museum tucked out of the way.
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