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Interview with the ATF

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Spent a few hours with th ATF Thursday Eve. Seems that a person I taught a CCW class to last month and that Totally Awesome sold a Glock to just killed someone.
He had not received his permit at the time of the crime. He had passed the Brady check fine when he bought the gun.
I can not tell you the details of the crime but it is a high profile crime in another state.

I'll fill in the blanks when I get the OK.

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Well, we may to (if he/she is guilty) where the anti's will want to sue you and TA for somehow not reading tea leaves and figuring out where it would lead....

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. If they pass the NICS and state checks, We have to accept them as OK.

I'd say you did your part. A BadGuy will be a BadGguy.

No guilt on your part...

Good luck
You taught him the approved Utah CFP course, which includes how to carry lawfully and use a gun in self-defense lawfully.

If he was carrying a loaded concealed gun without the permit, he was already breaking the law before shooting.

We have a choice in society. We can try to make sure that nobody ever has the means to harm another by removing all potentially harmful objects (which of course, will never work), or we can promote liberty and personal responsibility, with the risk of people a abusing that liberty and causing someone harm.

I choose the latter because I believe in the overriding rightness of the cause of liberty. I also believe that the more law-abiding citizens go about legally armed, the less crime we will have as a society. However, crime will never go to zero in this imperfect world. There will always be some who will abuse their liberty.

Sorry to hear that this happend with someone who took the CFP course from you. That definitely sucks.
Good luck, I see no wrong doing on your part.

It sounds like you are suggesting it was not a defensive shooting--I hope I'm wrong.

Perhaps the Brady check does not weed out all of the people with evil intent?!?! GASP!

Good luck and thanks for the training to all of the good folks that you do.

I can now talk about this as the ATF has issued a warrant for my former student. The photo used in the story is the one I took of him during the class.

http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/ ... 06-ON.html
W. Clark Aposhian
Hopefully he remembered to be fingerprinted for his permit before the crime.
I just saw the report on channel 5 KSL. The suspect is still at large.

I did see you answering questions in the report, Clark.

I hope that they snag the goblin very soon.
Saw you on TV Clark! Nice to put a face with a name! You represented us well with the way you answered the questions and your commentary. Well done. Hope they catch that baddie.
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