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Introduction post

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Saw a link over at Glocktalk.com figured I'd check it out.
Bit less traffic here than there, but nice to have a Utah specific venue.

I've had my permit for quite a while.
Long enough that I'm on the renewal that required new pictures be sent in.

Almost born here (missed it by that much) but definately bred here.
Live in Sandy, work in downtown SLC.
Trax in the wee hours really makes you appreciate your permit. :shock:

Started out concealing a PPK/s .380.
Graduated to a Glock 22, bit of a chore to conceal though.
Perhaps a Walther PPS is in my future when the .40 gets released.

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Welcome, Hope you enjoy it here
phox_mulder said:
(missed it by that much)
Aw, Max ...

Glad to see you here, phox.

I've been looking through threads and posts most of the morning, and it looks like *****'s been a member for quite some time. We'll have to give him a ration for not telling us about the place sooner.

See you back at GT.

Welcome to the forum!! Gad to have you join us.
See some dicey characters on TRAX in the wee hours?
Jeff Johnson said:
See some dicey characters on TRAX in the wee hours?
Putting it nicely.

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