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Just wanted to introduce myself and our organization. I have been involved with firearms professionally for 13 years now and an instructor for over 10 years. I served in the Military and also as a civilian police officer. We currently teach a variety of courses and have them monthly. We currently have a team of 5 instructors from both military and civilian backgrounds. I didn't know about this site until I received an email. Looks like this is a good place to send our students for more info. I didn't know that packing.org is shut down. We will be sending our students here instead. Thanks and look forward to getting involved. Be safe.
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Awesome. Glad to have you here. Your experience will help a bunch of us I'm sure.


(Thanks for reading my "junk" email and not just deleting it.) :lol:
Welcome, glad to have you here
Welcome, Chris. Good to have you here.

I have taken your advanced pistol class.
Welcome I will loof forward to yur insight.

Welcome to our forum!! We're glad to have another CFP instructor here.
Thanks for introducing yourself.
Just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome here everyone. I'm headed to VA This week to conduct some training there. I will still be able to check back ere often. I will spread the word while I'm there about this site. Be safe
Good to see more professionals joining us.

Welcome aboard.
Welcome. I'm looking forward to see what courses you will be offering for next year.
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