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I've recently found this site and finally decided to register. I live and work in Utah County and enjoy hunting, archery, and many other outdoor related activities. While I've been hunting all of my life, the last 12 years have been engulfed with my passion for bowhunting and competitive archery. I've only recently re-realized my passion for the firearms sports and have thus learned a lot about firearms over the course of the past year. I've had my CFP for 7 years.
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Weclome, Ben. Nice to have you.

Been thinkin' about taking up archery myself. Is it less expensive than rifle shooting? My main reason is the sheer number of rifle hunters out there now. Just downright scary during those hunts.
Welcome to the group. I was in an Archery club in Junior High. Our range was in the basement. Hope you post often. Be safe.
Welcome to the forum, Ben. So when you are out and about with your CFP, what do you carry? I think it's kind of hard to conceal a bow. :wink:

I tried the archery thing once but the bullets wouldn't leave with a loud enough bang. :wink: (OK, I will shut up now)
Is it less expensive than rifle shooting?
Initially, I'd say the cost is probably similar. You can spend as little or as much as you want to get setup. Once you're setup however, it becomes far less expensive. I've got several different setups (hunting rig, indoor competition, outdoor competition, etc.) for which my arrows range from $60/dz to $200/dz. When you layout $200 for a dozen arrows, it kinda stings. But when you're still shooting that same dozen arrows 3 years later, it's not so bad. Basically after the initial setup, you can shoot as much as you want for almost nothing.
I guess I did forget to mention carry weapons, didn't I? In the city I carry a Springfield XD9SC or a Keltec P3AT. When I'm bear hunting I usually carry a .44 mag.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome Ben.

I haven't taken the old Bear compound hunting since about 1987, maybe if I had someplace close by to practice more often...

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Welcome to our forum, Ben.
Thanks for introducing yourself.
We're glad to have you join us!
Welcome to the Forum.
Welcome to the group.
Welcome to the forum, looks like we are all well on the way to getting to know you. Glad to have you aboard!
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