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I'm not vastly experienced in handguns, but I have had military training and can use one. I recently got my concealed carrying permit and am still getting used to carrying it. I've got a regular size Springfield 9mm that is a little bulky and uncomfortable, but I'm getting used to it. I need to find a smaller, more convenient handgun to carry. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I get a little nervous carrying in public because I worry that my shirt is going to get hung over the handle and everybody will see my weapon. I'm getting more at ease with carrying it though. I know it's not for fun and games that we all carry, but it's kind of fun. I also feel very secure knowing I am armed. Hopefully I'll never have to use my handgun, but if a genuine need ever arises to protect myself or another person, I hope I can react and defend as needed.

I look forward to practicing and getting very skilled with my handgun and maybe even a rifle of some sort. I would love to get an AR-15. Would a basic concealed carrying permit allow me to carry an AR-15 concealed in my vehicle? I'm sure somebody here knows.

I look forward to hearing from everybody and learning more about the concealed weapons community. Thanks!!

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