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is this a record?

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submitted my app on the 21 of November
received the card today.
pretty darn fast if you ask me.
heck the BCI website is showing that they are processing the apps
received on the 8th of November.
it took 24 calender days.
or 16 business days.
woot! :D
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Awsome! I'm glad to see they are getting things down to a shorter wait time.
Yes, this is good news. I'm planning on taking my class the end of this month or early next.
I am jealous. Mine took over 3 months, between June and September. The instructor told us it was currently running about 100 days so I was expecting it. Well, at least I have it now. :)
I mailed mine on December 30th 2004, and the issue date on the permit was January 12, 2005. Received in my mailbox the next day. 14 calender days!!!
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