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IT CAME! It came, it came, it came, it caaaaaaame!

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:band: :party3:


I submitted my stuff on 3/13. My wife submitted her stuff on 3/15. Our credit card was charged for both on 3/31.

Today, both our permits came in the mail.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! :party: :thumbsup: :dancing:

Now, carry often.
Congratulations! :party:

Now carry everywhere that you legally can and carry safely.
:party3: :band: :thewave: :party:

Congrats, to the two of you. Carry always but be safe. Now get to WW and party down.
Congrats. Welcome to the CCW World. :D
Jeff Johnson said:
Now carry everywhere that you legally can and carry safely.
That is EXACTLY what I intend to do.

I've got a Kahr MK9 and a Don Hume wallet holster that makes it look like a large wallet in my pocket. I carry it in my front jeans pocket at home, so I'll have no problem carrying it in the much larger pockets of the slacks I wear every day. It should be with me just about wherever I go. :D
That's great! Took its sweet time though. Carry on!

Good for you guys, Carry, Carry, Carry, Be Safe. :thewave:
Great. As everyone else said, carry everywhere. Congrats.

With those date's I calculate mine being here around the fourth of July!!!

Happy Carrying
Now you are legally armed and dangerous

Sounds like you are ready to go!
Got mine now too...

Originally submitted (walk-in to BCI): 5-15-08
Re-submitted completely filled out fingerprint card (instructor forgot to sign it!): 5-29-08
Received CFP: 7-8-08

Oh the Joy! :shades:
:party3: :band: :party3:

Congrats on getting yours also SlimsBFG
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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