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I had to come on and tell everyone that my 12 year old son is the proudest new member of The National Rifle Association. I am a life member and decided it was time to get him signed up. Thinking about it now I probably could and should have signed him up earlier. He got his first gun when he was 7 a .22 single shot rifle. Then when he turned 12 I got him a 20 gauge shotgun. Then finally for Christmas 2003 I got him a Remington 710 rifle and scope combo in .270 caliber. He absolutely loves shooting his rifle. It was supposedly bore sighted at the factory however when we went and shot it the first time it was off about 6 inches at 50yds. But it shoots right on now.

Anyways just thought I would share the good news. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. Please remember what this holiday is about and pray for those currently putting there life on the line for us today. Good night and God bless.
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