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Just found out!!!

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:shades: I just found out that I've gained "Expert Camo Finisher" status from Lauer Weaponry and had to tell all my UCC friends about it. I submitted a few pictures of my work and am now added to their list on their website. Im really excited about it. This gives us the only certified finisher and only expert camo status in Utah.
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Awesome. That is deff something to be proud of, congrats Joseph.
Congratulations! :D
I have the link for you Jeff. It will get you to the main page. On the left you will see a Certified Finishers" button go there and scroll down to utah. There's only one there. http://www.lauerweaponry.com/index.cfm
Thanks much everyone. We're all very proud of this.
Great to hear, really something to be proud of.
OK... when do we have the class where you teach us how to do it? I'll buy a cheap AK just to practice. ;)
I'll have to put some thought into that UtahCFP.
After seeing the pictures you've posted here I can see why you're an "Expert Camo Finisher." Congratulations. What's the average turn around time to paint a rifle?
About 4 or 5 days. Duracoat is cured enough for light duty in 3 days but I always add clear coat on top to help protect it.
You've certainly got me thinking, and that can be dangerous and expensive. :nilly:
So I stay out of trouble with the moderators 8) just shoot me a PM if you'd like to discuss more details. Keep the general questions coming though. I appreciate all you guys complements and support.
I suggest a 2 for 1 sale to celebrate, my "sniper rifle" and shotgun..... :D
Come talk to me at the gun show and we'll discuss a discount.
I'll be there I be the guy in uniform being paid for going to the show!
Smithy have you thought about a camo scheme for a carry gun, to help it blend into clothing better. When the butt sticks out of IWB holster is there something to make it look less like a gun? This would be interesting for a cheaper carry gun.

Perhaps a cell-phone cammo... :lol3:
Tell you what guys...I'll work on it. That is a really interesting prospect. A lot would depend on the shirt behind the pistol grip. Won't do a lot of good if you are wearing a different color shirt than the camo job on the gun. What do you guys think on that? The easiest would be to designate a color of shirt you would have the gun up against. White would probably be the easiest for everyone to match with.
What can I say I got style. This is representative of my wardrobe can you cover all that with just one cammo?

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