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Just installed XS sites on my XD! What a work out!

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I have always liked XS Big dot sites. Putting them on was not hard. But taking of the factory sites off the SPRINGFIELD XDs? WHAT A JOB! Like breaking up concrete. These sites Springfield installs are "playing for keeps! " :nilly: They are hard to get off but the average person with patience can get them off.

Remove and install the slide in a solid vice, use a solid brass punch to remove the factory sites, and at least a 16lb sledge hammer. Don't bother using the tool XS gives you from the factory. I broke 2 of them. Make sure the slide is secure in the "rubber padded" vice. Make certain your punch is square and centered... and then hit it hard and several times. You may think it will never move, but it will. I repalced both sites on 2 different XDs. both where the same. The rear sites on both XDs where the hardest to remove. The front sites were easier, but only slightly.

FYI incase you ever need to remove XD sites!

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This is good info because I am wanting to have night sites put on my XD but I don't want to mess with it. I am more than happy and willing to pay a gunsmith to put them on but I will put that in a new topic.

Thanks Dex for the information. I have heard the XD sites are difficult to remove with some people resorting to a dremel tool to cut them out. I too like the XD sites and need to get a set onto my XD45.
Outsider said:
These sights like the ones on the Glock? I really like Glock sights.
XS Sights are different that Glock Sights or other traditional three dot sights. Here's a link ot there website below. They are great sights for self defense, but people who do target shooting generally don't like them.

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