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Just saying hi

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In keeping with the rules, I thought I would introduce myself. I just found this place, looks pretty cool.
Im in my mid 40's, married, and an avid shooter with a very understanding wife and cool kids (all girls) who like to go shoot with dad. Im not exactly the worlds best shot, so I tend to compensate for quality with quantity. It all seems to work out in the end (right......!) Im a machinist by trade. I took the concealed carry course shortly before Utah became a right to carry state and have renewed my permit a bunch of times since (seems like about four, but I could be wrong).
I am a die hard 1911 fan, AR fan, and Ford boy. I carry a Kimber pro carry in a galco SOB set up, with three more mags in my back pocket (1911 mags work perfect for that). Feel free to let me know your glocks and chevys are better, I love a good clean argument! The nice thing about a place like this is in the end we can all agree on one thing. The right to keep and bear arms is the one right that keeps all the others intact.
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Welcome to the Forum.
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