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Kahr MK9

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We'll I finally did it about a month ago. I finally made up my mind between the XD9 subcompact and the Kahr MK9 after 3 months of research. I liked the way the XD9 shot, which I will eventually buy one for my wife but I had to go with the MK9 for my carry weapon.
I decided to go with the MK9 instead of the PM9 mostly because I wanted an all stainless gun. Yeah, the polymer would have been 8 ounces lighter but I wanted a heavier gun since it is so small. This pistol is 5.3" L x 4" H X 0.9" wide. That is the main reason I picked the Kahr over the XD, it is much smaller and still packs a punch. You can actually get the Kahr in a 9mm or 40 cal. They also came out with a 45 ACP that is just a tad bit bigger than my MK9.
This little gun is an awesome shooter. Though I have only been out to shoot it once so far. The normal clip holds 6 and the extended holds 7. I talked to one gun shop and he said Kahr's suck and the trigger pull is nasty. Totally wrong, this little gun is awesome and the trigger pull is very smooth for a DAO. The tritium night sights were a must for my conceal carry. This guns size is nice; it will fit in a pocket holster and disappear in an IWB holster. I chose the Desantis Tuck-This holster for my carry rig. This thing is awesome, it totally makes the gun disappear plus it holds a spare magazine. If you want you can tuck your shirt in and the gun disappears. Perfect for summer carry in shorts.
Only thing I don't like is the plastic guide rod. I don't understand why they would make a good gun and then throw in a plastic guide rod. I don't know if it’s a problem or not, or if they break often, just doesn't make since. They do make a stainless guide rod that I will be purchasing to replace the plastic one. I got lucky and picked this up used for $600. Otherwise new these run about $750 fully equipped.
Overall the fit and finish of this gun is great. It fits in your hand very well for being as small as it is. Recoil is pretty much the same as the XD9 and easy to control for its size.

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Very nice! Stainless has always been my preference for frequent carry guns. The weight doesn't bother me and the durability is unsurpassed. Great acquisition there!

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I just picked one up last night for $635. :shocked:

I thought it was pretty pricey, especially since I was also looking at a used Kel Tec for $219 earlier in the day.

Someone bought the Kel Tec before I could, and with my wife's encouragement (she was buying a Beretta 92FS Stainless), I went ahead and spent the additional money on the Kahr.

I'll be taking it to the range tonight. Can't wait.
carbuff19 said:
The normal clip holds 6 and the extended holds 7.
A Point of order! It’s a magazine not a clip. :bat: LOL

Sorry for the intrusion. Looks like a nice gun. I have a Taurus PT-745 that is DAO and its trigger pull is very smooth. I have never shot the Khar but it’s probably similar.
Great choice, You will be happy with it. I have over 20K through Kahrs and I bout the first one about seven years ago. Only gripes are a long reset and the slide release meets flesh so what still beats the heck out of a J frame :wink: If you dont like the holsters look at fist I am happy with all of mine.
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