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Since 2001 I have had one Kahr P9 for a while it was my only handgun :oops: So now over seven years latter it has conservatively 14-20K through it. It started to fail to reset the about 3/400 rounds. I emailed Kahr got the RA and after a bit of a total FUBAR at ups they repaired the gun replaced the nightsights that (I only asked they contact me about replacing) bead blasted the slide and had obviously test fired the weapon. Turn around from the time they received to the time shipped 1.5 days :shock: :cheers: Excellent service through out and prompt replies to my emails

This gun showed its battle scars completely repainted sights with a broken via,l polymer smoothed and polished by the holster, and an uneven finish on slide.

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I didn't notice the spot on the slide till after I posted the image, that is lube the blast is nice and even. The one in back is more matte but definatly shows some wear, it only has about 6-8k through it.

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Looks like it has held up pretty good overall.

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To me pistols like Kahr make the J frame and PPK like pistols virtually obsolete, accuracy is surprisingly good too. The down side to kahrs is a looong reset, other wise the trigger feels fine.

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This guy wanted to buy mine I told him give me a week and look in his area transfers and shipping put it over what one on gallery of guns would cost new. He found a deal and wanted a bit of advice. I decided to post it here.

Poacher said:
That is some good info. Obviously I will lube the rails are there any other spots you lube?
The spring is some good info, some of the drills I did this weekend I noticed that it had not fully closed the slide almost everytime it was on a new fully loaded magazine. So you buy the wolff action springs?

Last question, Have you used any of the eight round magazines and how do they perform?

I appreciate your insight.

Lube both sets of rails a little on the part that cocks and releases the striker and it you want disassemble the slide and lube everything to include the striker channel slight improvement in trigger pull

I take a little heat to the slide and lube with a light oil parts like the extractor once in a while too

Every 5K or so I recommend detailing the slide the extractor gets gummed up

Kahr recommends pulling the slide all the way back I lightly polished my feed ramp and polished the chamber with a little more work on the radius entry to the chamber

the older manuals recommended changing the springs every 1.5k(?) I shoot lots of mewal wwb ect and had two pistols to compare 2K or so was fine for me lots of hot loads and old springs you will see peening @ the lock up point of the ejection port and the little ring on the out side of the barrel in front of the locking surface.

Bottom line springs are cheap if you are still in, or work for a pd wolf will give you a discount. If you think you will put 20K through the pistol buy 10 springs they will probably make you the same deal they do on most of the 10 packs if not 5 springs is cheap insurance.


I'd try hear for mags great price never dealt with them though.

http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/prod ... s_id/27392

My dad has an 8 I have not heard a complaint I have one promag that works great and I hate promag I was hoping for the one thing they are good for clearance drills :wink:

Thats about the sum of my experience with Kahrs one was my only handgun for a few years and I have at least 20K if not over 25K between the two of them. I sent one back because it occasionally failed to reset the striker 1.5 day turnaround not including ship time problem free for 600 rounds and they replaced the sights with brand new tritiums and bead blasted the slide!

Good luck I think you bought a **** of a handgun

I can honestly remember two other malfunctions not related to bad ammo or a mag with feed lips that had spread. The gun simply did not like Corbon 124+p's
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