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Kahr P9

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Since 2001 I have had one Kahr P9 for a while it was my only handgun :oops: So now over seven years latter it has conservatively 14-20K through it. It started to fail to reset the about 3/400 rounds. I emailed Kahr got the RA and after a bit of a total FUBAR at ups they repaired the gun replaced the nightsights that (I only asked they contact me about replacing) bead blasted the slide and had obviously test fired the weapon. Turn around from the time they received to the time shipped 1.5 days :shock: :cheers: Excellent service through out and prompt replies to my emails

This gun showed its battle scars completely repainted sights with a broken via,l polymer smoothed and polished by the holster, and an uneven finish on slide.
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Nice guns. I have never really dealt with the Kahr before, but will definitely look at them sometime.
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