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No, I haven't got one yet, but I did notice it & the oprice is good, and it looks like it would be comfortable even for a large man like me to wear under my shirt. Tell us how you feel about yours, it may help others who have tried many forms of carry & are still not satisfied. I have tried several ways & find I have not been too pleased with most methods, some is due to my size, some due to discomfort (ankle holsters really bother me), or the method causes the gun to catch. I am probably going to be getting one here in another week or so, so any input would be appreciated.

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I wore it for 15 hours carrying a taurus 5 shot .38 revolver. The gun fit in the holster fine, concealment was excellent, the gun at my side was comfortable. However, I think the shoulder strap could have been a little longer to allow the chest band to ride lower, basically, it was a little constricting riding high. I have a parttime job that requires some running and fast movement and the holster did a great job, and I will continue to wear it for that activity, but for my daily sedentary desk job, I will wear my ankle holster...Do I recommend the Kangaroo? Yes..
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