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I am not taking a stand on whether I believe the rules at the LKC are legal or not, I just want to know if this law has any application to rules at the Lee Kay center. The State has been fairly aggressive about enforcing their gun law even to the point of taking the U of U to Utah’s Supreme Court regarding their gun polices. If the rules at the LKC are illegal it is an awfully public flaunting of the law. So I reversed the way of thinking I wonder if the rules are legally justified. Here is what I came up with.

76-8-311.1. Secure areas -- Items prohibited -- Penalty.
(1) In addition to the definitions in Section 76-10-501, as used in this section:
(a) "Correctional facility" has the same meaning as defined in Section 76-8-311.3.
(b) "Explosive" has the same meaning as defined for "explosive, chemical, or incendiary device" defined in Section 76-10-306.
(c) "Law enforcement facility" means a facility which is owned, leased, or operated by a law enforcement agency.
(d) "Mental health facility" has the same meaning as defined in Section 62A-15-602.
(e) (i) "Secure area" means any area into which certain persons are restricted from transporting any firearm, ammunition, dangerous weapon, or explosive.
(ii) A "secure area" may not include any area normally accessible to the public.
(2) (a) A person in charge of a correctional, law enforcement, or mental health facility may establish secure areas within the facility and may prohibit or control by rule any firearm, ammunition, dangerous weapon, or explosive.

The LKC is run by the DNR. DNR is a law enforcement agency. Could they not legally state that their ranges are “secure areas” granting them the right to: ”prohibit or control by rule any forearm, ammunition, dangerous weapon or explosive.”

Now I am not sure how 76-8-311.1 e ii plays into this. One on hand the LKC is open to the public but, on the other you have to pay the entrance fee and agree to follow the rules so the LKC is not open to just anyone unlike a store or other public area. So perhaps it sill could be considered Secure.

Regardless, I still believe in following the rules otherwise we become elitist snobs and become our own worst enemy in our attempt to educate the public.

I support the rules a the Lee Kay Center. I will follow them. For the most part they are common sense and designed to keep us safe.

I do have my own story to tell about the Range Safety Officer at the LKC. I was at the range and having trouble with a revolver. The cylinder dismounted and I could not eject spent casings. The RSO’s called a cease fire figuring it was better to explain to the RSO what was going on I left the revolver on the table with three cases still in the cylinder.

I flagged down on RSO and explained the situation. He moved on with out incident. The other RSO came by a couple of minutes later and busted my chops for leaving a loaded firearm on the table. I explained to him the same thing I explained to the other RSO. After the ceasefire he was very helpful in assisting me in getting the stupid cases ejected.

The RSO’s have a difficult job for all they knew I could have been an idiot and left a loaded firearm on the table. I am sure that every one to them has had someone leave a loaded firearm on the table just before a bunch of people walk in front of the muzzles of firearms.

On a side note the manufacturer of the revolver replaced the cylinder at their expense shipping and all.

Also you know the drill. I am not a lawyer. I am just a wannabe novelist.
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