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Having worked as a volunteer at LKC and also using it frequently for Hunter education and other courses, here are some thoughts observations and comments. When I first visited the center in the mid-80's, you could put targets at 3, 5, 7, 10, and so on out to 50 yards. Over the years the management changed, a few instances happened, accusations against certain users were lodged, and now we have the 15 yard minimum, only one shot per second rule and a few other differences. It is a state-run facility, using mostly minimally trained volunteers. Some have a great deal of experience, others, not as much. There have been very few accidents, usually due to shooter error, and it is one of the safest places to shoot. It is family and child friendly(if supervised), offers one of the few 100-plus rifle ranges open to the public and is partially funded through your Pitman-Robertson excise tax dollars. Over time, some people, including law-enforcement users(remember the shotgun blast to the ceiling??) mis-used, abused and destroyed target holders, overhead baffles and berms. I was told by one worker that the Concealed Carrry students one group brought out regularly was shooting up the overhead baffles, etc. That was about 1996. In the classes I assisted in or taught, that was never an issue as the shooters were closely supervised. Enjoy the LKC as it is one of the best buys ($4.00 for all day) around. Also, any student who completes their Hunter Education course and receives a blue card can shoot free for one year on the 50 and 100 yard ranges. What a deal! Hope that clarifies some.
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