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I have never been to Leekay, however I would like to add a note for educational purposes. Years ago I was an avid archery buff (still am if I can get somewhere safe to practice). I went to an indoor range here in Salt Lake to practice. No one from the range personnel was observing anything on the line, and this was a busy saturday. I was on the line with a dozen or so people, we fired off our arrows, and then when all was clear we called out to lay down our bows & retrieve arrows. Needless to say, while I was just finishing up with my arrow retrieval an arrow hit the target next to me. It had been fired by a very dumb woman! I say dumb because she cared nothing for anone elses safety, and only cared to "play" without worrying about safety. Needless to say I was extremely angry--afterall I was within inches of being hit! I packed up & left that place & have never returned. My life is too important to me to lose it to an idiot!
We must also be careful when we are out shooting. accidents can & do, occasionally occur. My brothers & my father & I were out shooting several years ago. We were doing some trap shooting and my brother thought he had emptied his shotgun. When he went to load it, the faulty shell exploded right next to his head. He was deafened for a few days as a result. now he is more than cautious when he shoots. Please use common sense when shooting & obey all the rules which firearms demand--in order to show respect & to be sure to live longer.
If you are shooting somewhere where it is too crowded, or where people do not seem to be cautious or concerned with where they point their weapon, tell the range master-or never go back. Find a better, alternative place to practice. Please be safe!!
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